How are we distance-learning at NKCAP? Take a look!…

  1. When we found out school would be closed for the remainder of the year, the teacher prepared distance-learning packets that included hands-on educational tools and all curriculum materials for parents to use at home with their child.
  2. Parents receive weekly, detailed lesson plans along with helpful websites, pictures, charts, and videos. The goal was to provide as many resources as possible to make parents’ loads lighter.
  3. The teacher and parents are in constant communication through email and our classroom Bloomz app. We also use Seesaw- an app where the teacher posts several engaging activities to target learning objectives.
  4. Students check in on weekly Zoom chats. We’ve had special guests in our meetings and participated in a lot of fun activities like show and tell, scavenger hunts, reading stories, freeze dance, and a pajama and stuffed animal party.
  5. Gift-giving has been fun during this time! At Easter, students received a basket full of goodies on their doorstep. Birthdays have been celebrated and presents delivered. Mail has been sent including gift cards for ice-cream because we miss their “sweet” faces!